Experienced Supplier Representative

Hielan is proud of the capabilities and reputations of the companies it represents. Hielan believes that growth is built upon trust and trust comes from consistently unsurpassed quality, on time delivery and the combination of these two elements provide an all-in bottom line that provides advantages in doing business through Hielan. As a result, each company, represented by Hielan, has unique features and benefits that support the needs and goals of our customer base.

We enjoy working with our present customer base and look forward to developing new relationships in the coming months.

Hielan Sales and Marketing, your partner of choice for:

  • Small precision stampings
  • Deep draw sleeves and ferrules
  • Molded and inserted rubber and plastic products
  • Material handling and packaging systems
  • Highly accurate very high speed inspections systems that perform as promised
  • Engineering and design support from companies experienced in your project
  • Ongoing dedicated, enthusiastic and timely support from Hielan Sales

For more information, please contact Ned Grant:
phone – 586-703-1827
e-mail – ned.grant@hielansales.com

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